In the Atlanta area? Taylor Ministries conducts monthly, believer's meetings for our partners, friends and anyone hungry for revival. Spiritual, mental and  physical breakthroughs are a regular occurrence at Friday Fire meetings! If you need a miracle, bring your expectation for God to do it and He will supply the power. Join us for our next Friday Fire on November 2nd, 2018 at 7pm. NO FRIDAY FIRE ON OCTOBER 5th, due to the mission trip to the Philippines.


the Garden at Seven Bridges

 2840 Plant Atkinson Rd SE

Atlanta, GA 30339



Friday Fire is a Believer's Meeting

Believer's meeting? What's that? A believer's meeting is a specifically designed service for those who have made the decision to make Jesus Christ Lord of their life (believer). These meetings are directed for growth in the believer's relationship to Christ and His kingdom. They include passionate worship, insightful truths from God's Word (Bible) and ministry of the Holy Spirit. Come with an expectant heart and an open mind. You might be amazed by your experience of a believer's meeting. Sign up below so you don't miss the next one!


Timeless Truths

Jeff Taylor speaks and ministers timeless principles for victorious living. God's Word will illuminate the path of our life if we adhere to its admonishment. Jeff has been ministering full-time for more than three decades and communicates his message in practical, easy to understand terms. God anoints him to minister to the needs of people, including physical healing.  


Praise & Worship - Rashawn Mathews

Rashawn Mathews leads the dynamic, passionate worship for Friday Fire. Worship is an eternal activity! We will be worshiping the Lord long after we enter Heaven. Through worship our hearts open to all the Lord has prepared for us to see, learn and do. Since the age of ten years old, Rashawn has played, written and recorded music for a wide variety of genres. 

Upcoming 2018 Dates

November 2nd

December 7th

Make sure to mark your calendar now to get in on these Holy Spirit meetings! 



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