A New Dimension - part 1

Have you ever had a sense of dissatisfaction?

I’m not talking about hopelessness or disappointment.

I’m referring to the dissatisfaction that comes when everything seems to be going well but you understand that you’re operating below your potential.

We’ve heard, “The enemy to great is good.”

For many years, I’ve ministered God’s tangible healing anointing to tens of thousands of people all over the world. Words will not adequately describe the awe of witnessing blind eyes open, deaf ears unstopped or the lame being strengthened to walk.

Yet, since the turn of 2018 I have carried this unshakeable knowing that something greater is available. I use the term available because spiritual things are not automatic. Multitudes are duped into the notion that if something is God’s will that it will just materialize without any effort on the part of the one who is to receive. That is simply not so.

One point in case is the fact that Jesus had to position Him through the baptism by John the Baptist in order to receive the anointing (Spirit coming as like a dove). Could the anointing have come another way? Possibly. But Jesus refused the request of John that “He might fulfill the Scriptures.” In Jesus doing His part, the Heavenly Father did His.

This unmistakeable knowing continued to grow within me. I continued traveling, holding church meetings and our Friday Fire services locally. We had several successful meetings. But, as I would be ministering in the Spirit, the more I understood another dimension was waiting on me.

Maybe this is happening to you. Maybe when you take a moment to pause all the busy-ness in your life and get quiet before the Lord, you perceive a greater grace awaits. There may not be an apparent storm or crisis in your life, but so too is the anticipation of a deeper dimension to your life’s purpose.

Let me define for a moment. I’m not eluding to putting something else on the already crowded “plate” of your life. Nor am I suggesting mere human ambition or petty boredom. To the contrary. I’m describing a Spirit’s calling to a dimension of greater effectiveness. The realm of putting forth the same effort, but the results yielded are more significant. I’m suggesting the intuition of doors of opportunity opening that have never been opened.

So, in August I set aside time to address this notion by seeking the Lord and fasting. By positioning myself to seek the Lord, He could speak and release what was being held for me.

For me, taking revival to the Church, is the call I received many years ago. My prayer, preparation, decisions and actions were all domino affects in the light of that calling. We’ve had success, too. Regularly scheduled meetings have been extended many times beyond the time expected. One meeting went as along as 18 weeks! I’m no stranger to revival and moves of God.

It would be very easy to settle in and simply be satisfied with what others call very good.

Don’t settle for good. Don’t become comfortable with safe.

Expect the impossible!

Impossible. That was the nature of the dissatisfaction I was sensing. Divine healing had become the norm. I was being prompted for miracles.