Jeff Taylor's brand new book, Picking Up Sticks, is now available in hard copy and on Amazon Kindle! If you, or someone you know, have ever been injured while serving in a church, you don't want to miss this informative book of recovering your service to God. Jeff utilizes the amazing story of the Apostle Paul on the island of Malta, and a personal testimony, to illustrate how you can turn the enemy's plan  into victory for you and for others.

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A Modern epidemic

Untold multitudes of Believers idly sit by each week allowing others to serve in church and organizations. The reason is not that they are lazy nor apathetic. The enemy of their soul laid a well-planned trap during a time when they felt safe. It may have come in a word or deed - maybe a series of words and deeds. Either way, the injury came and paralyzed their service. How can those who have been hurt in this way find their way back? There is a way! Through an incident on the island of Malta, the Apostle Paul shows us how to turn what was meant for our demise into a wellspring of healing for those around us. 

Recommendation from Joni Lamb, co-founder of Daystar Television

"Jeff Taylor raises critical questions for every leader and lay person in ministry and yet uses his own story to reveal the answers. This book is essential for those who feel the call but have been detoured by the enemy's plot. Picking Up Sticks is the book you want to not only read for yourself but one you will secure copies to share with those who need to be encouraged."

Available on Kindle - $9.99

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